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How are the cables connected to the end terminals?
The cable and terminals are connected using a hydraulic swaging machine. This ensures the strongest connection available.

Does the cable railing meet building codes?
As with any building project, it is best to check local and even association building codes. Our railing is installed to meet these codes.

Is there any maintenance involved with the cable railing?
No! Our cable railing will look beautiful as soon as it's installed, and for years to come. However, in extreme saltwater environments there may be some discoloration, as with any "316" stainless.  This only requires a soap and waterwash to restore.

Ca n the cables be installed using anything besides wooden posts?
Yes, wood, stainless steel and metal posts can all be used. We offer stainless steel fabrication for posts and handrails to be used with our cable systems.

Are there different end terminals that can be used?
Yes. An extensive line of end terminals can be used to provide a personalized look to your cable railing.

Who will install the cable railing?
Nature's View Railing is a small personalized company offering the highest quality workmanship and first-rate customer service. The proprietor of Nature's View Railing does all installation, along with a small, professional crew to ensure the job is done right.

Can the railing be installed inside my home also?
Absolutely! We have installed many railings inside the home for stairways and second floors.

Can the cable be run vertically instead of horizontally?
Yes. Our stainless cable can be run vertically, although the price will increase. The vertical cable can also be used around swimming pool perimiters.

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